A NS-TSC18 Review

Multi-function Cooking Mode:

In cooking mode, the NS-TSC18 supports 3 different pre-defined cooking settings for brown rice, porridge and white rice or sushi. The cooking settings are controlled by a micro-processor installed inside the appliance which intelligently adjusts the cooking time and temperature for different needs.

Apart from just rice, you can also cook other delicacies like corn recipes, non-veg items, porridge and cakes. After the cooking process is complete, the NS-TSC18 notifies you with audible melodies and tones and automatically switches to keep warm mode.

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The notification settings can be changed according to your preference. Also keep in mind that this appliance is made to Japanese cooking standards so you may have to improvise a little bit with the quantity of rice and water while cooking long grain rice.

Keep Warm and Extended Keep Warm functions:

The keep warm and extended keep warm are two main features of the Zojirushi NS-TSC18 digital rice cooker.

In the keep warm function, the micro-processor continuously adjusts the heating to just keep the rice warm and not to over-cook it. You can use this function with other foods too. This function is automatically started after the completion of the cooking process to keep the food warm until served.

For keeping the food warm for a longer duration, the extended keep warm function is quite useful. Surprisingly, both the keep warm and extended keep warm functions are energy savers and do not use a lot of electricity.

When using either of the two functions with rice for a relatively longer duration, add an extra cup of warm water on top of the cooked rice. This ensures that the rice does not dry up and is especially essential while cooking brown rice which absorbs more water than usual.

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