A healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Amongst a rapidly emerging market of electronic cigarettes,V2Cigsstands proudly with it's most exclusive and reliable electronic cigarettes, well placed on the shoulders of customer satisfaction philosophy.V2Cigshave an approach to overwhelm traditional cigarettes in the coming years for which it has evolved rapidly introducing new techniques and easy to use cigarettes that taste just like traditional cigarettes and providing the users an enthralling experience of smoking an elegant brand. The is a readymade solute on for those who are looking for a tar free, carcinogens free, pungent smoke free and a foul breath free life style while still puffing in the mannerism of Hollywood stars with an air of arrogance. In fact, it's a healthy alternative to severely injurious traditional cigarettes, and is designed not only to gratify your health but also to provide some financial relief.

Make up and Mouth watering flavors:

Unlike other e-cigarettes flooding the market,V2cigshave successfully introduced a cigarette which is made up of just 2-pieces, thus mitigating the comparatively cumbersome job of changing the atomizer and cartridges every time. This particular feature in it's makeup is the driving source of customer satisfaction which is evident from the reviews thatV2cigshave received from it's users. Not only atomizer and cartridges are comprised in one single structure that provides mouth freshening puffs every time, another striking feature which distinguishesV2cigsfrom other brands is, it's amazing battery life that has now been raised to 4.0-4.2 volts. This upgrade is critical since it coincides with extra vapor inhalation with powerful drags, resulting into a mouth full of smoke to provide the same experience as that of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette.

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When it comes to preferences in terms of flavors,V2cigshave on offer, a rainbow of exciting flavors including: cowboys', vanilla, menthol, chocolate, peppermint cherry and menthol, besides exquisitely designed congress flavored cartridges.V2cigshave revolutionized the way to smoke electronically, by pioneering the blank cartridges, which could be filled with the liquid of your own choice and form a unique amalgamation of tastes to suit your taste. This is marvelous, since not only it has opened new arsenals of options but also reduced the price strikingly. Besides that for the first time, in order to cater to the varying tastes of their customers,V2cigseven customizes cartridges on demand basis any ordered cartridge of a specific color and / or flavor.

The advantages of usingV2cigsare obviously manifold, such as it's cost effectiveness, evident from the fact thatV2cigsonly cost half of what one spends in procuring traditional cigarettes, and such as the possibility of adjusting the desired levels of nicotine in the vapors, which ranges from 0 to 18 mg.

One big issue that was persistent with previous electronic cigarettes was the problem of charging the battery, which really concerned the users, to the extent of annoying them at times. This issue was suitably addressed and resolved byV2cigsby introducing it's power cigarettes, which could sustain to your craving for smoking over long periods in time. With the provision of a portable car charger, it also provided the users to enjoy the refreshing experience while driving, making it extremely convenient over long distances, and of course providing a pleasant aroma to the internal environment of the car, proving this to be a giant leap in appeal over the traditional cigarettes, as this aspect had been one of the major apprehensions for the smokers to smoke while driving, from the beginning.

Smoke 4 Free initiatives:

Not onlyV2cigsis extremely particular about it's present customer satisfaction and the company's endeavor to consistent improvement of it's cigarettes, but they want to propagate of importance for people to adopt this healthy smoking practice instead of traditional cigarettes, which are not only detrimental for one's own healthy lifestyle, but also of those around you. Hence has the Smoke 4 Free programs evolved, inviting users to refer theV2cigsto their family, friends and acquaintances, who are smokers, and in return, obtain striking discounts onV2cigspurchases.

Finally, having received an excellent feedback from it's users,V2cigsis indeed proved to have been an innovative and perception changing development in the field of product development towards healthier, safer, comfortable and a cost effective alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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