The last 20 years I've been Diabetic

Hi everyone, sorry I have been out of town but I'm back. The last 20 years I've been Diabetic, I have been concerned about my internal organs, in which I have been able to keep healthy, thank God.

What I wasn't aware of is the other issues that flare up from being Diabetic. Your immune system is compromised, when I was working in a secured facility, every time someone got sick, I got sick. I finally left that place and I haven't been sick since 2012 with any cold or infection other than sinus.

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Also, I developed Osteoarthritis from the weight. You see not only is it unhealthy to be obese with the heart, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Your skeleton cannot hold the weight and if you are obese, it takes a toll on your bones and you develop arthritis and it becomes debilitating. You develop heal spurs and inflammation riddles your body.

I am on the my final journey to get it right. I am in pain daily, I use to love to dance but cannot because of my hips and the arthritis in them. I was learning to Salsa with my nephew's future mother-in-law and had to stop because three minutes in I was in excruciating pain. I will dance from my chair like one of the elderly.

I was playing volleyball in the sand barefoot in 2006, trying to relive my glory days. Don't try it, let it go, don't think you can go back to those days, lol. I injured my Achilles tendons and because of my weight, it didn't help and Achilles Tendinitis set in and they popped. I had one reconstructed in 2012. I asked my surgeon what caused them to break and he told me my weight.

Now my nick name is "Sugar Foot"!!! My cousin calls me this and I laugh because it's funny, but on a serious note I do limp. I have to get my other foot fixed and go into an intense Physical Therapy program so I can learn to walk properly again. Maybe even go back to a small heal.

Take care of your body. Anyone reading this and who may be overweight like myself, please pay attention.

My nutritionist has me on a better eating plan and I am about to have surgery on the 18th to save my life.

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