Feel like you work too much and are in desperate need of motivation? You're not alone.

Many people share the same feelings towards today's work and it's rewards, or lack thereof, in life. Grinding the 9-5 shift, working hard only to be too tired to manage your budget to pay the bills you can't afford. Working excessive overtime and working multiple positions for the same pay; all just to keep a job you are unhappy with. Or how about the rising scenario for millions in the world today; searching day in and day out, but no job in sight and unable to work due to one of today's many rising medical conditions. With a lowered workplace morale and falling job outlook and wages, you have to wonder what truly keeps people pushing forward and if there is a way to consciously take hold of it.

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The answer may come down to our work motivations.

Why do we work? For money? For security? A desire to fulfill our pleasures? While some of those are important factors, something else may be a stronger driving force in keeping us working or searching. What is the best motivation to keep you pushing forward through all of the BS, while also allowing you to keep a positive, hopeful outlook? Purpose and belief.

Be a person of purpose Project: Better Tomorrow

Purpose does not inspire motivation through fear or empty materialistic desire, but instead through harmony of belief and a sense of belonging. I do not write this blog because I fear unemployment or that it will make me rich and win me my desires. I write this blog because I believe it is my purpose to help others just as other people have helped me along the way (and hopefully I will inspire a few to do the same along the way). When we belong and feel like we have a purpose, there is a sense of confidence that we are on the right path and seemingly impossible problems appear to be more along the lines of everyday obstacles. Obstacles that we can and will overcome.

Instead of an endless search for a job with more money, less hours, or that offers the allure of the high life; you may just need to shift your perception and find one that fulfills your soul and gives you purpose. Purpose can be a powerful ally and provide the mental and spiritual nourishment you need to continue on your journey.

Find your purpose. Project: Better Tomorrow

No one can answer how to find purpose or belief, since that is different for each person, but you can move in the right direction. You just simply have to be searching.

The next time you are considering moving or searching for a job, instead of simply focusing on it's monetary value, ask yourself this. Does your current or potential job provide you with fulfillment and a sense of purpose, or does it more so provide the same dissatisfaction with no feeling of lasting reward? Well, if you have read this far, you may have already answered the question.

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