Why do hangouts and tweetups

Last month, I attended the Social Media Marketing World Conference in San Diego, California. The minute I looked at the speaker list and topics I knew this was well worth the almost $1,000 conference fee plus travel expenses. It's true that in social media, connections are made online, but friendships and collaborations happen offline.

Today I sat in on a Google+ hangout led by Martin Shervington on How Connecting Your Real and Virtual World Drives Success ( replay here). Martin was a speaker at SMMW14 though I seemed to be completely unaware ( In my defense, there we're over 80 speakers and 2,000 attendees). Martin talked about following one of the speakers for a long time on his blog so when they met at SMMW14, it felt like they we're old friends.

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So how did I find out about Martin?

Well I did so via Sue Zimmerman(the Instagram Gal), whom I met through Cynthia Sanchez from Oh So Pinteresting. And besides meeting them briefly in person, we have built and continued our relationships online.

Meeting these people offline built the base for our relationship but continuing to engage them online has built rapport and trust. They've also grown my network of other people I learn, tweet and do Google Hangouts with.

Now why go through all of that?

Because business and everything else in this world is built on relationships. Social media has the power to either create or strengthen a relationship with experts in your field and people that you can continue to learn from.

As a business owner, this is highly valuable. Martin Shervington was interviewing Guy Kawasaki, who used to be second in command at Apple and is now chief evangelist at Canva. He said ' If I had thought 'I'm not Steve Jobs' and let that hold me back, I wouldn't be where I am today'. The limitations we give ourselves are mostly self created and being around supportive, creative people will help us create out best.

'If you just do what's in your head, you're not allowing yourself to be influenced by anybody. When you allow the flow in a relationship to form your ideology, you will go in incredible directions', he says.

So why do hangouts and tweetups with people? Because if you want to be like them, you have to learn from them.

I encourage you to find that person in your line of business that is doing it better than anyone and connect with them online. Perhaps they have a LinkedIn or a Twitter account. Don't bombard them straightaway, but comment and participate in their online communities. Before long, they'll start to recognize you and they'll be more receptive to meeting for coffee or doing a hangout to answer your most pressing questions.

Don't miss out on this incredible tool to grow not only your business, but to cultivate and bring out the best that is still inside you.

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