Developer paper the Land Lease Community Classification

The Land Lease Community as an industry often referred to as, land-home developments by note investors) has evolved over the years.

It is common to see these communities contain a variety of homes. A partial list would include manufactured homes, modular homes (i.e. UBC code homes), RVs, mobile homes, and park models.

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Identified simply as Community

From a marketing point of view, the Land Leased Community is identified simply as a Community because that is just what these development project are, a community. With roads, sewer, water, electrical systems just like you'd see in any single family residential neighborhood in town. But instead of frame houses built on site, these community home are typically manufactured off site and brought to the location. Yet just like the frame house, they are stick built and often permanently attached.

In the Community housing industry, Pre 1976 homes are called mobile homes. After 1976, HUD created a new standard of home with the technical classification of a manufactured home which are all manufactured homes built after 1976.Since these Community homes can be built two sections or more, we now call them multi section homes.

These homes are built to HUD standards and are delivered on wheels, usually set up on a permanent foundation and assessed as so when the Community home is attached to a foundation and the title to the home is then purged to the land.

The homes in the community can be of different types as described above. There are two more types of homes built in factories and are classified as; HUD homes and UBC homes. HUD homes are delivered on wheels and UBC homes are delivered on semi trailer flatbeds then put together on site with cranes.

Park models fastest growing segment of the industry.

Park models are the fastest growing segment of the industry.These homes are simply shorter than the minimum size for HUD. Park models are not built to HUD standard and believe it or not, most are of better construction.

To learn more on how to buy notes and mortgages secured by the Lease Community read the four part post by Kent, Working with Land Developers posted here on this site.

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